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Hmong Pa Ndau (Storycloth) Inca Doll, Peru Goli Kplekple Mask, Ivory Coast Philippine Iron Celtic Cross, Ireland/Scotland Vietnamese Doll Senufo Mask, Ivory Coast Kabuki Doll, Japan Christmas Pyramid, Germany Shadow Puppet, Indonesia Nigerian Container Shou Xing Gong, China Minh-Long Vase, China Coconut Mask, Mexico Vera Cruz Smiling Figure, Mexico Flower Drum Baya Drum, India Queen Dan Mask, Ivory Coast Tabla Drum, Pakistan/India Ceramic Folk Art, Mexico Jaguar Mask, Guatemala White Hmong Mother and Baby Dolls Gourd Rattle, Africa Korean Drawstring Purse Philippine Water Jug Ceramic Jar, Mexico Aztec Calendar, Mexico, Central/South America Acoma Laguna Vessel, Acoma Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico Russian Nesting Dolls Masai Wedding Necklace, Kenya/Tanzania Karen Sgaw Woman's Shirt, Burma/Myanmar Straw Covered Ceramic Pitcher, Africa Mayan Estela "P" de Copan, Honduras

Ganesh/Ganapati, India Russian Icon Painting Nail Fetish/Problem Solver, Congo Eagle Mask, Kwakiutl Tribe, Pacific Northwest Turtle Rattle/Medicine Rattle, American Indian Green Hmong Doll Masai Shield, Kenya/Tanzania Nigerian Doll Green Hmong Doll Virgin of Guadalupe Retablo, Peru Double Headed Eagle Bentwood Box, Pacific Northwest Japanese Ginger Jar Hanuman/Monkey God, Thailand Centeotl or Chicomecoatl, Mexico Ntenga Drum, Uganda Hmong Shoulder Basket, Laos
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The MRC is a joint project of Saint Paul Public Schools and the East Metro Integration District. We support student achievement, equity and social justice by providing resources and programming to students, staff, families and community members throughout our member districts.



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